How did our startup earn $70K revenue in just 2 months?

Abhishek Patnaik
6 min readMay 19, 2021

Everyone’s talking about raising money via sales, right? We all know that “raising money”. But when you learn it and use it, you’ll see a huge difference in your raising money via sales and how fast you can get more money in a startup.

In this blog, I will share my experience in my startup that has led us to earn more than $70k in just two months. These are the possible questions we will discuss:
What does the content cover?

how does your target audience want to see you?

Why do startups need patience?

Let's start with the basics of who we are and what we do?

CrawlQ’s AI-powered Content Automation Tool helps Founders, Marketers and Copywriters to Profile Ideal Customers, Differentiate from Competitors and Optimize Content for Sales, SEO & Social Media.

We were never a Content automation tool, we started off initially with SEO and topic modelling for websites.

We did go through a Pivot which made us an SEO optimized content automation and Market Research tool.

So what did we do exactly?

We took our time understanding the Market

We did take our time understanding the market. The product is about 2 years old now. But it was in last August we decided to hit the market with whatever we had. We started building everything around content automation. We had a Sales Copywriting built for us, but we did more to be called a Content automation tool. So we came up with an idea for an AI content writer.

That was just a start, we now have almost all of your steps automated.

So by December, we were all set to launch. But oops !!!

Oops !! we forgot about user experience

Yeap I know, many of you will say “Come on Abhishek, UI UX is the last thing for a product”.

Yeah yeah, I know. But we had this strong feeling that if we continued with the existing flask app it would be pretty difficult to give users a better user experience in future.

Transition Stage

Now with everything set in Flask, we had to move to react. We just wanted to make sure that we have the upper hand on making changes for UX. And we can do it whenever we want.

I still remember the days, we had to create more than 90 endpoints. Though our team achieved it within a month. Our react app was ready by 15th Feb. We had to run fast though. As fast as we could……….

Please wait, the App is not ready yet

I still had a strong feeling that the UX was not good. We needed more time to improve it. While I was trying to make it better and push the deadline. Our Founder Harish Kumar, said if we keep doing this believe me we will never be ready. So let's hit the market and try to analyze what happens.

Harish had a valid point, and so we settled on not moving the deadlines further.

Not Ready….Yet not afraid to fail.

Well, all we wanted was to hit the market and see how things work in reality. So finally we did launch on 8th March on AppSumo. Our heartbeat went crazy that day. We knew what was coming.


When we hit the market we got an overwhelming response from users and We are really glad to have it. We started getting feedback from our users. And that is what we exactly wanted. We took a deep breath and started working on our user's feedback. We kept users feedback at top priority.

We built new features, updated them, measured our progress with users feedback and learnt from it.

Building our CrawlQ Community

My friend Harish Kumar always had this awesome idea of creating a community around our tool. We did take our time creating our own community. Just after the launch, we had our own Facebook group.

We got tons of emails, few were for feedbacks, few had some issues, few wanted to add more feature.

Gladly, we had a marketing team that was really patient in replying to each and every issue. The marketing team was really patient in solving issues, talking to the team and adding improvement/new features into the backlog.


This is the most underrated yet the most effective key that helps any startup grow. If you lose patience and say, “OK I m done with this. Maybe I was never made for a startup”. You would never realize you were just so close to making a good amount.

Customers are Everything

We focused all our energy on trying to understand what users want. We still are doing it. We will keep doing it. And we are in love with this process.

Our initial progress was slow. But we took our users feedback, worked on it. As we worked on users feedbacks, we started creating a difference.

Users themselves came up with ideas that is actually helping us to improve the product more and more. We were lucky enough that some users voluntarily came up, shared there ideas.

What actually did the market lacked?

Users wanted a tool that could generate long-form content based upon a deep understanding of their niches.

But to generate that kind of content we needed data from users. We already had a market research tool, that helps the user in understanding the market. So why not use the same data?

We started using the same data and started generating content based on those niches. Users started loving insights about their Niches, this gave them an idea about the market. Helping them understand the market deeper.

According to users request, we also added new features for generating headlines, meta-description and blog outlines for our users.

We still are adding more features to our application making sure users can get more of content automation.

We would love to get your views on it.

I would personally like to thank a close friend Mahaveer Muttha. I followed his feedback approach and findings of the market and it helped a lot.

If you made it till the end, then why shy pressing the like button, commenting and sharing…haha. Anyways thanks for reading this article so patiently.

Now, here is a link to our app. Are you the one who wants to buy a tool that makes content based on your niches or want to do awesome AI-based market research?

Or are you simply someone who is looking for AI content automation?

CrawlQ is the one place stop for you: Visit our page.

We have a team who is always ready to hear your feedback, mail us at support if you have any queries.

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