Most PM’s/Founders underestimate the power of determining a Niche

Why is it important to get started with a niche?

Let's start by understanding why is it necessary to Determine your niche.
Before that, you need to do one thing. Close your eyes and tell me what do you see?

niche selection
Different paths to get started from (source)

Why is it a good idea to start with a small group of people?

limited sources in startups
  1. Startups are limited with resources and time, so can't focus on 100s of things at once
  2. Focusing on a single buyer persona helps you create things faster, thereby helping to validate the right product-market fit.
  3. You know the right path and improvise things depending upon the feedbacks.

Do we lose the bigger audience while focusing on a single buyer persona?

starting with a small niche
Start with a single niche, then focus on a bigger audience

“Can my brother use this?”

These are some of the most common questions we see on product review websites. But what does it exactly mean?
Well, they don't mean their own brother, what they mean is a young middle-aged boy, he can be a pilot, he can be a teacher, what it means exactly is can this app be used by a mid-aged man, who is not that good that tech-savvy.

Overwhelming Buyer Personas

one niche at a time
Keeping things simple is important

Building Your Own Custom Niche

The right way to visualize your ideal customer would be to be super-specific. That being said, let's not forget the psychographics and emotional side. These two act as a catalyst to increase your conversions.

People Don't buy the product they buy the solution

Everyone likes to make their work easy. We look for solutions that solve a major problem. To make sure that the solution is on the right track it is important to keep validating the product.

customer success



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