Most PM’s/Founders underestimate the power of determining a Niche

Why is it important to get started with a niche?

niche selection
Different paths to get started from (source)

Why is it a good idea to start with a small group of people?

limited sources in startups
  1. Startups are limited with resources and time, so can't focus on 100s of things at once
  2. Focusing on a single buyer persona helps you create things faster, thereby helping to validate the right product-market fit.
  3. You know the right path and improvise things depending upon the feedbacks.

Do we lose the bigger audience while focusing on a single buyer persona?

starting with a small niche
Start with a single niche, then focus on a bigger audience

“Can my brother use this?”

Overwhelming Buyer Personas

one niche at a time
Keeping things simple is important

Building Your Own Custom Niche

People Don't buy the product they buy the solution

customer success




I build product with passion. Follow me for product related blogs.

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Abhishek Patnaik

Abhishek Patnaik

I build product with passion. Follow me for product related blogs.

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